The Floating SeaHorse - Features & Amenities

The Floating Seahorse

Essentially a boat without propulsion, The Floating Seahorse sets a new benchmark in the marine and luxury lifestyle market for contemporary design and innovation. The bespoke project of exclusive floating retreats in Dubai is today one of the most desirable and talked about concepts on a global scale.

An Idyllic Holiday Retreat


Many dream about living close to marine life and having a view of the ocean, but Kleindienst is breaking boundaries in its field and going the extra mile through innovation, design and development.

Without a doubt, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for individuals or families looking for a stunning holiday retreat offering breathtaking views, the highest quality specifications throughout and unparalleled views of the coral reef and marine life through a beautiful underwater ensuite bedroom.

Tzar Edition Special Features

Each Floating Seahorse has been meticulously designed by European architects to provide the ultimate in luxury modern day living. The project is synonymous with clean lines, neutral colours and contemporary high quality specifications.


  • Each Floating Seahorse can provide up to three bedrooms, each with its very own personality and character:
    • The underwater master bedroom.
    • The sea level sleeping accommodation.
    • The informal bed under the stars on the upper deck.
  • Bathrooms & pools
    • One master bathroom at the underwater level including a double basin, a shower with a bidet and a bathtub facing the coral reef.
    • One bathroom at sea level.
    • One Whirlpool on the upper deck with a glass floor that acts as a skylight on the living room ceiling.
    • One external shower on the main deck.
  • The area at sea level includes a living room with a seating area and dining room. A small kitchen is hidden behind sliding wood panelling and can disappear when required. The corridor to the bathroom includes additional cabinets.
  • The upper deck is provided with sliding sheers that can enclose the covered area to create an informal external bedroom. A device in the canopy will open at command to offer a stunning view to the starry night sky.
  • The Floating Seahorse features three levels which are broken down as follows:
  • Underwater Level
    • 53 sqm/570 sqft (enclosed / air-conditioned)
    • 46 sqm/495 sqft (coral garden)
    • 99 sqm/1065 sqft (TOTAL)
  • Sea Level
    • 64 sqm/689 sqft (enclosed / air-conditioned)
    • 59 sqm/635 sqft (external deck)
    • 123 sqm/1324 sqft (TOTAL)
  • Upper Deck
    • 37 sqm/398 sqft (enclosed / air-conditioned)
    • 29 sqm/312 sqft (external deck)
    • 66 sqm/710 sqft (TOTAL)
  • Total: 288 sqm/3,100 sqft (TOTAL)